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Professional. Dynamic.

The BRYX Agency is a young and dynamic building block agency based in Berlin. Our founders, Gary Fleischer, Michael Marston and Simon Thomaschke, have years of experience in the field of LEGO® and building blocks and have joined forces to share their passion and expertise in this field.

Gary Fleischer ist Geschäftsführer und professioneller LEGO® Modellbauer bei BRYX Agency

Gary Fleischer


Gary Fleischer, our CEO, is a two-time LEGO® Master participant and known for his impressive "BrixxBerlin" building block project. With his experience and passion for building blocks, he drives the company forward and ensures that we are always on the cutting edge of developments in the field of professional Lego® model building.

Michael Marston ist Co-Founder bei BRYX Agency

Michael Marston


Michael Marston, our Co-Founder, is a purchasing and fabrication expert through his successful online store With his expertise, he ensures that we always use the best and highest quality bricks for our projects.


Simon Thomaschke

Design Director

Simon Thomaschke, our other partner, is a design multi-talent with an incredible eye for aesthetics and detail. He brings his creativity and experience to our team to ensure that we always create unique and appealing building block projects for our customers.

The building block agency from Germany

Whether for private collections, trade show booths or public installations, at BRYX Agency we pride ourselves on providing our clients with customized solutions for their building block projects. We focus on the highest quality and professionalism in every project and strive to always deliver the best results to our clients.

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Professioneller LEGO® Modellbau bei BRYX Agency | Karstadt am Hermannplatz

Although the company was founded in 2023, we already have years of experience in the field of LEGO®, Building Blocks, Marketing and Design. We are passionate and committed to what we do and look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for bricks with you.

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