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Individual LEGO®- and building block models and kits for events, exhibitions, trade fair stands and your premises. Our kits are unique promotional gifts that leave a lasting impression on your fans, customers and business partners. Request a free quote now.

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Systematic solutions

The BRYX Agency offers you a wide range of services around the topic of LEGO® and building brick models. We not only create impressive LEGO® large-scale models for events and exhibitions, but also individual brick sets as promotional gifts or giveaways. We also create detailed miniature landscapes that are perfect eye-catchers in reception halls or waiting areas. Learn more now:

Large models

Your unique eye-catcher for the trade fair or your premises

Professional Kits

The ideal merchandise product for your fans and customers

Miniature landscape

Impressive models for city planning and museums

full service


You don't know exactly what you want yet. Whether large model or kits? We will advise you and explain all the options.


Play or display set, skyscraper or sculpture. We create concepts for the perfect building block product. 

3D visualization

Your model will be implemented in our 3D program. We make renderings and videos available to you.

Design & Marketing

From the design of the instructions to the packaging, printing and distribution via social media and influencer & performance marketing.


We and our partners take care of purchasing and quality control during packaging.

Trade fair construction

Platforms, information columns, partition walls and more. The BRYX Agency also takes care of the perfect presentation at exhibitions, events & co.

Rely on the unparalleled impact of LEGO® and building block models for your brand presentation

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With a long experience in the design and construction of LEGO® and building block models, BRYX Agency offers its clients a wide range of customized models, tailored to their specific needs. The models can range from buildings and architecture to vehicles and sculptures. We work closely with our customers to ensure the end product meets their needs and matches their brand values ​​and image.

Overall, we offer our clients a fascinating opportunity to showcase their brand and company through custom LEGO® models. With a dedicated team of experienced designers and engineers, BRYX Agency is able to turn any project into reality and provide its clients with a unique and memorable experience.

Our customers can count on us

Whether manufacturer, service provider or international brand. All customers of the BRYX Agency are enthusiastic about our creative ideas and tailor-made solutions made of building blocks!

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Together with the BRYX Agency we have developed our line of building blocks for children and will continue to develop it together from now on. Since we have found all-rounders in the design of building block kits and associated prints with the BRYX Agency, we are extremely grateful for the previous and future cooperation.

Steffen Hahn & Philipp Elgert from myBrickZ

Our customers and partners


FAQ | Fast answers

Your question was not answered? Write to us here, we're happy to help.

building blocks are small plastic blocks that can be snapped together to create a variety of designs and models. The most well-known brand of clamp-on building blocks is LEGO®, but there are also other brands such as Cobi, CaDA, Mega Bloks and Mould King.

LEGO® is a specific brand of building blocks known for their high quality and durability. LEGO® is considered to be the inventor of the building block. The Danish company has not had a patent on the production of the stones since 2008. However, the game figures and some stones are protected.

The term "building blocks" refers to a broader category of building blocks that includes different brands and manufacturers.

The original LEGO® patent for the brick connecting technology expired in 1988. This means that other manufacturers can now also produce building blocks with similar connection technologies without violating the LEGO® patent.

Patents usually have a limited lifespan to encourage innovation and development in an industry. When the patent expires, the technology becomes widely available, allowing other manufacturers to create similar products and encourage competition.

However, LEGO® still has many unique characteristics and continues to have a significant impact on the building block market. They are still developing and producing innovative products and have built a strong brand identity that is appreciated by many customers.

No. The LEGO® minifigure is protected by design, which means other brands are not allowed to use this design without permission from LEGO®. LEGO® has established the minifigure as an iconic character that is highly recognizable and closely associated with the brand.

Design protection is a way of protecting LEGO® brand identity and ensuring that the minifigure remains unique and not duplicated by other brands.

For an initial offer, we need images and information about the desired object in the form of JPG, PNG or PDF. How big should the large model be, how many kits should be produced, which area should be built as a miniature model.

We would be happy to explain everything else to you in a personal conversation.

Theoretically from an edition of one! But that doesn't make sense. The costs for the conception and the 3D creation always remain the same. From 250 pieces kits make sense in our opinion. We recommend ordering at least 1000 units as this will make the kit cheaper to produce.

The consultation is absolutely free of charge and non-binding for you. We have fixed prices for all services. You can request these from us. The price of the building blocks is added to all services. These costs are completely different for each production. Therefore, conception is very important.

We would be happy to produce a prototype for you. We even recommend that you commission a prototype before ordering. This way you can get an overview of the quality.

The cost of a prototype varies depending on the size.

We create the individual design for the instructions and the packaging. Our designers have many years of experience and can fulfill every wish based on your corporate design. Of course, you can also provide us with finished designs. 

In theory, there are no limits to the imagination. Mainly, however, classic folding boxes, slip lids or stand-up pouches are used for kits. We would also be happy to send you samples for inspection.

Sie haben eine besondere Vorstellung? Sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

After the order has been placed and approved, the delivery time for kits is approx. 9-14 weeks.

We cannot give any general delivery times for large models and miniature landscapes.

The BRYX Agency, your German building block agency and professional LEGO® model building experts. We offer customized solutions for all your building block needs, be it for private or business use.

As experienced LEGO® model builders, we work with all brands of building blocks to provide you with unique and fascinating models that match your imagination. We are proud to offer our clients a wide range of services, from planning and design to implementation and installation of building blocks projects.

Our team of professionals has a passion for building and the skills to bring your ideas to life. We have years of experience creating LEGO® models for all types of events and occasions, from trade show booths to private collections to large public installations.

Our building blocks are of the highest quality and we offer a wide range of bricks to find the perfect solution for your project. We make sure that our models not only look appealing, but are also sturdy and safe.

If you are looking for professional LEGO® model building and a first class building block agency, you have come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next sticky brick project.

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